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Log Homes

"It's your dream. We'll help you build it."

Log Homes are our specialty. We take the utmost pride in delivering the home of your dreams, whether it be your primary residency, or a getaway cabin. We serve the Log Home industry for all of Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Arizona, Texas and Oklahoma. However we've sent packages all over the country. (See  how Allpine Lumber is helping a do-it-yourselfer in Southern Illinois build his own log home, log cabin rental business, and new instructional website to help others wanting to build their own home or cabin.)

We believe we have  the best logs on the market and take extreme care in producing them. Our logs are given a special 'kerf' cut during the milling process which minimizes most twisting and checking. They are then set in the yard to season for months and then kiln dried to under 15% moisture content. After drying, they are planed into the final product. Thus most shrinking  happens before the planing process. This eliminates shrinkage problems after the logs are assembled into a log home. Our customers have never been disappointed in our logs.

Not only do we manufacture our logs, but almost everything else that goes into a Log Home. You

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We don't create pre-fabricated Log Home packages at Allpine Lumber, because we believe flexibility is a key component in making a dream custom home, and there are structural reasons as well.   We allow you to choose every type of material you will use in your home. We have some  plans available that you may use in developing your dream log home, but the majority of our customers have designed their own home, and we produce accordingly.

We'll price the wood materials needed for your log home, and we can also recommend contractors to give you a bid on construction.

House Log Prices.


This is what we call a kerf cut. In the drying process, it is necessary for the core of the log to dry, just the same as the outside. For this to happen, the log checks (cracks) all down the length of the log. Many people don't like the checking. This 'kerf' cut helps us control the checking because the core is allowed to dry at the same rate as the shell. Result? Very little checking and virtually no shrinkage. Most people wouldn't like this look on the end of their logs. This doesn't happen to every log because some are already dry, or we split two logs out of one big log opening the heart which is the same process, therefore you will have enough 'solid' logs to put on your corners.